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20 Apr
CatCraft v3.7 Server Update
catcraft v3.7 .jpg

Hello everyone!

This server update features:

+ Improved the catcraft website performance. The main site is now running from a separate database center to the main Minecraft server and using Litespeed for significantly speedier web-page loading.

+ Website ticket support implemented. For those without discord may contact senior staff members through
We also provide staff email addresses FAQ - Catcraft

+ Diamond Lottery added. Buy a ticket for eight diamonds to compete against other players. There is a 10% cut on the total prize pool, which is considered a 'money-sink'. For more info, please read here...
08 Apr
CatCraft v3.6 Server Update + Bedrock Edition Support!
catcraft server update v3.6.jpg

Hello everyone!

This server update will be featuring:

+ Minecraft Bedrock Edition support!
CatCraft is now accessible from players joining from Java, Windows 10, IOS, Android, and console edition. Use the default 19132 port to join at

+ Durability disabled in the PVP arena
No more repairing after battles needed when pvp'ing in the server arena (/pvp).

+ Item mailbox
Send items to online/offline players!

/itembox open
/itembox send [player]

/itembox claimall

01 Apr
CATCRAFT One Year Anniversary Update!
catcraft 1yr picture.jpg



Free One-year Anniversary items!
Everyone can receive as much cake as they desire through the command /cake until the 3rd April

CatCraft Server Global Photoshoot!

On April 1st at 3 pm EST / 7 pm UTC a server-wide photoshoot will be starting. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join! The group photo will be uploaded onto the
wiki website. We highly recommend you attend as the opportunity is only once a year, and this will be the first official photo shoot arranged by the staff team on CatCraft!

[ATTACH type="full"...
25 Feb
CATCRAFT v3.4 Server Update + Valentines


Happy Valentines Day!

CatCraft is bringing its first official Valentine's day, with some fun-to-use commands and a collection of ten exclusive 2021 Valentines' crate items.

The 2021 Valentine's crate and global commands are available to all members on CatCraft until the end of this month.



/valentine help

Lists all commands.


Returns your Valentine.

/valentine [player]

Returns the player's Valentine.

/valentine ask [player]

Requests a player to be their Valentine.

/valentine accept [player]

Accepts a...
25 Feb
CatCraft v3.3 Server Update

Hello everyone!

This server update will be featuring:

+ Resource-world Building Prevention

Notifications for placing chests in the resource world prevent new players from starting in a resetting world. Shulkers and all other containers will still work and are excluded from the notifications to allow everyone to transfer resources between the two worlds.

+ Gradient Selector (Exclusive to Jaguar+ ranks)

Pick from a massive selection of 50 gradients! Apply a gradient on your name or nickname by typing /gradient. This cosmetic perk is freely available to players ranked Jaguar+.

+ Website Improvements

The website is now running off a different database center and has had an increased speed boost, with...
25 Feb
Catcraft v3.2 Mini Update: CATS


+ A beautiful Cat Café has been built at the games world. It offers a nice place to enjoy your favorite coffee or tea, among many different breeds of cats. Visit the Café's special menu of drinks and catnip treats at /warp cafe

Twelve new breeds of cats were introduced in the new catcraft texture pack. To download the texture pack, check out the channel #texture-pack on the discord server.

+ Many bugs have been fixed and the overall performance of the server has improved.


(Cat Cafe built by Scooberty)



25 Feb
CatCraft CatGod TexturePack Update


All weapons and tools textures for catgod items complete. (Armor textures to be announced later)

+ Catcraft Official Store complete redesign!

+ Dedicated Official Catcraft WIKI !!

Custom CatGod Textures

All CatGod Weapons+Tools fully complete.
Download from #texture-pack channel on the CatCraft official discord server!


Catcraft Store

Complete server store redesign with new professionally custom made animal rank graphics, significantly faster loading times, and instant item/package delivery.

Catcraft Wiki

A new, fully dedicated, super-fast official...
25 Feb
Catcraft XMAS + MAJOR Server Update! v3.0


+ A fully redesigned festive XMAS themed spawn!

+ XMAS Advent Calendar! For the next 24 days counting towards xmas, all players can redeem the advent calendar gifts inside all 24 cottages at spawn.
Note: When you open an advent calendar gift, make sure to take the items from the chest immediately. Gifts can only be opened once!

+ Snow has begun to fall! All biomes will gradually be covered in a thick blanket of soft white snow! Type /snow to toggle the snow effects.

+ Underneath the cold winter skies, the snowman makes his appearance. All snowman will deal three hearts of damage to hostile mobs. Hostile mobs will not attack snowman, making them a great form of defense to survive the harsh winter.

+ There is a fifty-percent chance of a snowstorm appearing during...
25 Feb
CatCraft Halloween Update


We hope you are all enjoying Catcraft Survival on 1.16.3!

I would like to announce that Catcraft will be holding its first annual Halloween event. The event will take place at the start of October and will run throughout the whole month. Now is the time for preparation! As we will be heading towards this exciting and spooky season.

This update will implement the following features:

Spooky spawn and a giant cat pumpkin!

A mysterious pumpkin has made its home at spawn. I wonder what secrets it holds?!

Halloween Ghost Hunting

The cat gods that were once trapped for eternity inside the pyramids have escaped!

Find all 11 catgod ghosts*...