Greetings everyone!

We're excited to finally release our BIGGEST and MOST anticipated update yet! To kickstart 2024, in response to popular dmand, we've completely overhauled ALL CatGod rarities with new textures for the first time in nearly four years! We've also introduced two new deities - Bastet, the goddesses of Cats, and Horus, the god of birds. Lastly, our most exciting addition, the LEGENDS of the CATGODS Event! This is our most exciting update yet and you definitely don't want to miss out!


  • All CatGod rarities have undergone a COMPLETE revamp with brand NEW & custom textures!
  • Iconic and ULTRA-LEGENDARY tier rarities like Sefu, Musa's Trident, Abasi's Scythe, Aisha's bow and Freyja's Crossbow now come with quality of life special abilities, and stunning particles!
  • Say hello to BASTET, our newest CATGOD! Revered as the goddess of all cats, she commands the night with a gaze that cuts through darkness and fear.
  • Introducing our first BIRD GODHORUS! Endowed with celestial might, Horus embodies justice and clarity, descending from the skies with divine authority.
  • Purchase CatGod keys from the store or by running the command /buy in-game!

Ultra-Legendary CatGod Rarities Abilities:

  • All U.L. come with particles on-hit
  • The Abasi scythe harvests fully-grown crops in a large 3x3 pattern with a single click and automatically re-plants them. It also avoids crops that are not fully grown to ensure your farms always look tidy.
  • When you kill a mob with the Sefu sword, the blade grants you Strength for 5 seconds. Also, when you sneak + right-click, the sword attacks all nearby mobs surrounding you in a 5-block vicinity.
  • When swimming with the Musa trident, right-click to apply the Dolphins grace effect for 30 seconds. This comes with a 5 minute cooldown.
  • When you kill a mob with the Freyja Crossbow, the crossbow grants you Speed for 5 seconds.
  • When a mob is struck by an arrow from the Aisha Bow, it inflicts Poison for 5 seconds.

Item Enchantment Changes

  • Added Sweeping Edge IV to Sefu
  • Added Sweeping Edge III to Sefu Clone
  • Added Sharpness VII to the Musa Trident


Discover the wonders of the CatGod Pyramids filled with deadly traps, puzzles, and ancient tombs! There are 40 SKULLS hidden across the map in various locations and we've sprinkled fun stories using lectern books, perfect for those who love uncovering bits about Ancient Egypt.

When is it?

UPDATE: The event is LIVE NOW across all Realms. You'll need the latest texturepack update for the full immersive experience!

How to join?

  1. Simply run /games, then enter the build ahead of you with the portals
  2. When the event launches, a portal to the ancient world will open leading you into the origins of the CatGods world!

Those who participate and complete the EVENT will become a Guardian of the CatGods and be bestowed a limited-edition and personal Pharoah Hat by the gods themselves!


Heads up, the END world has reset! Mark your calendars for the 5th FEB (To be confirmed) — to start afresh to find  elytras, shulkers and more! The Dragon Egg will also be dropping this time around for a lucky player that captures it.