Prepare for liftoff into a universe of adventure with our exclusive, limited-time SCI-FI CRATE! This month at CatCraft, we’re turning fantasy into reality by offering an array of interstellar treasures. Gear up with a Mandalorian-inspired armor set, state-of-the-art futuristic weapons, and the pinnacle of our collection: the ultra-legendary Portal Gun & Galactic Flamethrower—tools of legends designed for the bravest adventurers.

PORTAL GUN (Inspired from Rick and Morty)

  • Super simple to use: Left-click to set a portal, and right-click to instantly teleport!
  • 2 second cooldown for teleporting and 5 second cooldown for setting a portal
  • Saves your portal location even if you log off!
  • We think this is the best utility-type Ultra-Legendary we've released yet!


  • Very high damage output, huge range to take out waves of mobs, long burning damage over time, but the drawback is a short range (compared to bows/crossbows).
  • Infinite durability (it can never break)
  • Super high coolness factor

Act fast! These cosmic marvels are available only until they vanish at the month's end. Explore More at the CatCraft Store!


Embark on a cosmic journey to explore newly discovered islands! Navigate through icy comet trails to scorched lava planets and beyond. Make your way to the Galactic Space Station via the Marketplace (/market) and dive through the enigmatic portal. Discover five unique islands, each harboring rare precious crystals. The mission? Collect 50 of each rare crystal buried within the ores to exchange for the stellar Nebula Toolset—a sci-fi enthusiast’s dream come true!
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Amidst a vast universe crawling with life and cosmic mysteries, the Galactic Gateway stands as a central hub—a starry bridge linking five distinct worlds together. Each planet, a precious piece of the cosmic puzzle, houses a powerful crystal that collectively holds the key to the legendary Nebula Tools—ancient artifacts capable of reshaping reality itself. However, a dark presence looms over these interconnected realms, a malevolent force bent on seizing control of the Nebula Tools for its own dominion over the galaxy.

In the past, Dustbowl Dunes was a bustling center for trade among the stars. However, as the rivers dried up and the markets vanished, the planet fell into a quiet solitude. Despite this, hidden within its dry terrain is the Cactinea Quartz—a precious gem that symbolizes resilience and hope. Legend has it that those who possess it are infused with the same determination as the pioneers who originally colonized the planet. When the desert winds blow, they seem to reveal hints about the crystal's location, calling for a courageous individual to rediscover its radiance.

The mysterious Violet Vale is immersed in everlasting twilight, showcasing its glowing plants and sharp purple tops. The Purpurite Bloomstone nestled within its surface represents the essence of the planet's splendor, embodying the ongoing process of life and renewal. Stories speak of its remarkable capacity to bloom again, to rejuvenate and thrive in the face of adversity. This endurance is crucial as a creeping blight threatens to fade the Vale's perpetual bloom.

Frostpine Peaks is a breathtaking world of beauty that boldly faces the dark emptiness with its snowy peaks. The Frostcrystal Shard, located at the highest point, emits a peaceful energy that eases the perpetual cold. This crystal represents clarity and concentration, essential traits for uncovering ancient mysteries hidden beneath the planet's icy surface. These secrets could reveal the history of a powerful civilization that might help combat the approaching darkness.

At the Galactic Gateway Station, all worlds come together in a bustling hub of trade and commerce. Inside its shining corridors lies the Astroplatinum, a precious mineral with incredible conductivity that was created in the fiery depths of star formation. The potential for this mineral to be used in defense against looming threats is immense, but there is a sense of urgency to keep it out of the hands of nefarious individuals before it's too late.

The Mycelium Overgrowth Oasis is where fungal forests and meadows are teeming with life. At the heart of this lush paradise lies the Sporolith Gem, a crystal pulsing with life energy that is intertwined with nature. This gem has the power to either rejuvenate dying worlds or further corrupt them, depending on how it is harnessed. The possibilities of this gem are as endless as the network of mycelium that surrounds it.

For a brave adventurer, searching for these crystals is not just a trip; it is a competition against a mysterious foe, an attempt to reveal the mysteries of the Nebula Tools before they are taken by a rising dictator. Discovering these jewels means holding the destiny of the universe, deciding between maintaining balance or bringing about chaos. As each crystal is found, the history of the Nebula Tools is revealed, calling for a hero to stand up and use their power—for redemption, for peace, for the everlasting light of the galaxy.

Embark on a Legendary Adventure for STARSABERS!


The cosmos has gifted our realms with seven StarSabers, each shimmering in distinct hues: blue, orange, yellow, green, pink, purple, and red. These radiant weapons, distinct from the visually superior StarCats crate variants, are freely available to all, inviting every player to embark on a journey of epic proportions.

To wield the unparalleled power of a StarSaber, you must first demonstrate your valor by collecting 50 mystical Kyber Crystals. These crystals are secreted away within the hearts of formidable mobs across the Realm.

Note: Keep inventory will be enabled in the Resource world during this event for convenience.
  • Venture into the dark cities and defeat the formidable Wardens to obtain the Light Blue Kyber Crystals. (Highly recommended in the Resource world)
  • Face the explosive Creepers and claim the vibrant Green Kyber Crystals.
  • Soar through the skies, engaging Ghasts to seize the radiant Orange Kyber Crystals.
  • Brave the Nether to conquer Zombie Pigmen and capture the Pink Kyber Crystals.
  • Slay Enderman in the End world to acquire the Purple Kyber Crystals.
  • Take out Magma Cubes to secure the fiery Red Kyber Crystals.
  • Engulf Blazes in battle to earn the striking Yellow Kyber Crystals.

Join this breathtaking event and prove your bravery to harness the power of the StarSabers! The quest begins now and runs until May 19th—don't miss your chance to become a legend!


Secure a slice of prehistory with our exclusive Raptor and hatchling duo pets! These Jurassic-inspired companions are the perfect addition to any adventurer's side. Available for a limited time—just visit /petshop buy. Act swiftly; these ancient wonders will disappear with the close of the month!


Calling all space enthusiasts and visionary builders! Unleash your creativity with our sci-fi-themed build competition. Construct your vision of the future and compete for a chance to win exclusive keys and prizes. Submit your builds here!


The END WORLD is on the brink of reset! Gear up for a fresh start on [Date], where opportunities to snag elytras, shulkers, and more await. Keep your eyes on the prize; the coveted DRAGON EGG awaits the lucky victor!