End Update 2024

End Update 2024

Greetings, adventurers!

This month, we're inviting you to plunge into the dark, mysterious depths of the End dimension with our first-ever, limited-time Void Crate!

This crate is packed with otherworldly rarities, including the Ender Dragon Armor Set, offering unparalleled protection and bonuses when roaming the End. Master the art of destruction with the Ultra-Legendary Ender Dragon Bow, and don't forget to equip the Ender Dragon Wings, enhanced with a mystical dragon breath particle trail to soar through the skies. Hurry—these rarities will disappear with the setting of next month!

CatCraft | Welcome

🔥 Ultimate Dragon Showdown: Are You Ready to Conquer?

1. War Meter Challenge

Starting today, join forces with fellow players across the Realm to fill the War Meter. Every Ender Dragon or Enderman defeated pushes us closer to unlocking the ultimate challenge. Gather your allies, sharpen your swords, and prepare for battle—the race to ramp up the War Meter is on!

2. Mystery of the Dragon Lair

Achieve 100% on the War Meter, and the gates to the mysterious Dragon Lair will swing wide open, granting every brave soul who participated a Special Prize. Inside, a legendary quest awaits—will you be the hero to lead the charge?

3. Epic Rewards Await

Face off against the fearsome Mega Ender Dragon in a battle for the ages. Those who emerge victorious will collect precious Dragon Shards, redeemable for exclusive Dragon Slayer gear and spectacular prizes. This is your moment—glory and honor await!

Will you rise to the challenge? Arm yourself, gather your courage, and let the ultimate showdown begin!

Mega End World Reset Announcement

Mark your calendars—a MEGA-sized End World resets soon! Discover a vastly expanded End, overflowing with secrets and rich in resources like elytras and shulkers. Be the first to claim the elusive Dragon Egg—a prize for the true conqueror!

The End awaits. Will you rise to the challenge? Ready your weapons and prepare for the ultimate showdown. Let the hunt begin!


We've received reports requesting further clarity on the event mechanics, so here's everything you need to know to about the Void event

What is the War Meter?
The War Meter is a dynamic progress bar, showing how close the realm is to unlocking the dragon lair once it hits 100%. It tracks the entire community's efforts during the initial phase of the event, letting you know just how close you all are to moving on to the next exciting stage.

How can I earn the Dragon Slayer Achievement and Prize?
This visual achievement offers a special reward—the End Navigator Hat, and is available during the initial War Meter phase of the event. It can be redeemed by running /kit void_reward. Once this stage concludes in the Realm, the opportunity to claim this achievement disappears.

What purpose does the Top Clans Leaderboard serve?
The leaderboard celebrates the clans that are most active in battling the Ender Dragons during the event. While there are no prizes currently linked to the leaderboard, future events might include cosmetic trophies as rewards based on community feedback. Let us know if that's something you’d like to see!

How are Dragon Shards obtained?
Once the dragon lair is accessible, join the thrilling battle against the Mega Ender Dragon to receive Dragon Shards—guaranteed with every victory! Defeating regular ender dragons and endermen also provides a much smaller chance to earn these valuable shards.

What can I do with Dragon Shards?
Dragon Shards are your ticket to claiming the exclusive and visually stunning Dragon Slayer gear. This collection includes a sword, pickaxe, axe, shovel, and a complete set of armor. Redeem your shards via the Enderman at /dragonlair and gear up in style.