Nether Expansions Update

Nether Expansions Update

Brace yourselves for this August's update as we journey into the fiery depths of the Nether. Excitement, adventure, and rewards await!

Unveiling this months' limited-edition Crate, bursting with unique items inspired by the mobs of the Nether world. These rarities offer a tempting chance to harness the power of the Nether, providing you with formidable tools to dominate the battlefield and expand your collection.

Within this crate, you will have the chance to find three ultra-legendary items:

  1. Blaze Sword - Command the fury of the Blaze mobs, unleashing fireballs with a mere flick of this sword. Feel the raw power ripple through your hands as you orchestrate a blazing symphony of destruction.
  2. Blaze Bow - This radiant gold bow, ablaze with potential, rains flaming arrows that pierce the darkest night. Sneak to unlock its fiery fury, and let loose blazing fireballs, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.
  3. Wither Scythe - Wield the chilling power of the Wither with this formidable scythe. Each swing calls forth a withering skull, casting an undying wither curse on all who dare cross its path.

Unlock the mysteries of the Nether and command the power that lies within.

A storm of Wither Skeletons is set to descend upon the Realms. Rise to the occasion, slay these menacing mobs and gather the Wither Bones left in their path. Collect x50 wither skeleton bones to redeem for the Wither Skeleton Armor!

We're also introducing a new feature to ignite your competitive spirit. By the villager, a holographic leaderboard will display a live record of the top clans who've slain the most Wither Skeletons.

Although there are no material rewards for topping the leaderboard, the true prize is the prestige and recognition of your clan's prowess. Let it be a testament to your valour, a tribute to your strength, and a declaration of your clan's dominance in the face of adversity. The more wither skeletons you slay, the higher your clan ascends.

This is a limited-time event until the end of August. Time is running out, and the skeletons await your challenge. Brew those fire resistance potions, strategize with your clan, and be prepared for an epic adventure in the Nether!

Your adventure begins now.

We're excited to introduce a new feature for chestshops designed to improve our player-to-player diamond trading economy - say hello to the Newspaper!

The Newspaper is an interactive GUI inspired by the game HayDay, that allows you to list up to three items from your chestshops for sale. Accessible via a simple command, /news, this GUI displays items/blocks that players across the Realm sell in their shops.

The Newspaper refreshes every hour* to ensure a constant rotation of fresh listings. When browsing, just hover over any item to see who's selling it and how much it costs. See something you like? Click on it, and you'll be teleported directly to the seller's chestshop, where you can buy the item and optionally browse their other chestshops.

We've designed this feature to improve our Market by providing shop owners, especially those further away from spawnpoint, with a platform to showcase their stock and gain more visibility. Whether you're aiming to sell unique rarities or trying to find specific items sold by other players, the Newspaper has got you covered. Another added perk is you might find some great deals because you can only list a few items at a time. Some shop owners may lower their listed items' prices to attract more people to visit their shops.


To list your items in the Newspaper, all you need to do is look at your chestshop sign and run the command /ts sponsor. Your item will then be placed in a queue to appear in the Newspaper's next refresh cycle. The Newspaper can be viewed by running the command /news

*We might adjust the refresh intervals for queued items over time to accommodate the different player activity levels across the Realms.


The END world is scheduled to reset on July 30th 11:30 AM UTC