Halloween Update 2022

Halloween Update 2022

Hello everyone!

Get ready to be spooked because this year's Halloween Update on CatCraft has finally begun! We're excited to introduce the following brand new content, alongside all your favourite additions from last year's event:

  • Halloween Crate + featuring three ultra-special rarities!
  • Halloween-themed Lobby & Spawn Design
  • Haunted Castle Adventure Map (Seasonal) + rewards
  • Spooky Halloween Sale | up to 20% off store-wide! (Check out the sale here)
  • CandyCorn Event on ALL Realms

Halloween Crate πŸŽƒ

Grab a key, roll the dice and try for any of our 26 rare seasonal Halloween themed items! These crate textures were custom designed and come with spooky lore!


Wither Broadblade
Only the most powerful Wither Skeletons are given access to such a terrifying blade. Everyone who views it acknowledges your merciless grandeur.

Cursed Venom Blade
This blade's unique poison makes it toxic, leaving your enemies extra irritated!

Ancient Skull Blade
Dark energy has been absorbed by this Ancient Skull blade.

Candy Sword
Who doesn’t like a tasty sweet! This tasty blade does more harm than just tooth decay.

Xtra Sweet Candy Pickaxe
This pickaxe will grind through ores with the energy of three layers of sweet, sweet sugar!

Candy Pickaxe
This pickaxe is straight, sharp, and accented all over in pink and white. It can hack through the toughest ores!

Candy Axe
This Candy Axe is infused with delicious sweet sugar!

Xtra Sweet Candy Axe
This axe will chop through logs with the energy of three layers of sweet, sweet sugar!

Wither Chain Battle Axe
This magnificent axe is forged from wither skeleton coal under extreme heat and serves as the perfect weapon for slaying the Wither!

Ancient Skull Battle Axe
Adorned with the remains of bones from your past victories, this axe will be the perfect tool for crushing your enemies!

Candy Shovel
This sweet candy shovel is glowing with virtue.

Xtra Sweet Candy Shovel
This delicious shovel induces a sweet aroma that drives underground mobs towards you!

Bone Skull Helmet
Keep your head protected with this fearsome Ancient Skull helmet!

Soul Fire Helmet
Under the harrowing power of the Soul Fire, all souls tremble!

Ancient Skull Chestplate
Smite your challengers with a fury that no one has ever seen! The bones in this chestplate increase for every mob slain, terrorizing those that wander into your vicinity.

Soul Fire Chestplate
Once belonging to a Soul Fire Warrior, this chestplate was salvaged from the depths of the Mangrove Swamp.

Ancient Skull Leggings
Rise and destroy your greatest enemy! These leggings are crafted with the skulls of your enemies and are perfect for long enduring battles.

Soul Fire Leggings
Channel the energy of your inner soul to overwhelm anyone that stands in your path!

Ancient Skull Boots
Anubis gave these Ancient Skull boots the seal of approval for their destructive and heat-resistant properties.

Soul Fire Boots
The soles of these boots crystallize in water, allowing swift underwater exploration at incredible speeds.

Candy Scythe
This sweet candy scythe is glowing with virtue.

Carved Pumpkin Scythe
Scythe to meet you! Please avoid getting struck by the gourd as you exit.

Xtra Sweet Candy Scythe
Wield this scythe through a cornucopia of sweet adventures! (No corny pun intended)

Poison Sludge Bow
Toxic sludge spans through the arrow of this bow, inflicting venom to anyone unfortunate enough to be struck by this legendary weapon.

Crimson Shadow Bow
Pulled straight from the darkest crimson valleys, this bow shoots devastating blows with each arrow.

Bonus: There are three ✨ ultra-legendary rarities ✨ included in the crate, as well as two cosmetic hats!

Poison Sludge Bow inflicts poison II ☠️ for 3 seconds on mobs and shows sneeze particles when arrows land on mobs.

Crimson Shadow Bow displays flame πŸ”₯ particles when arrows land on mobs.

Wither Broadblade inflicts wither II for 3 seconds on mobs for every hit, and shows soul flame particles.

Potion effects do not apply on players! Only mobs (zombies, skeletons, slimes, etc) are affected!

πŸŽƒ Spooky Halloween Sale πŸ‘»

Check out the limited-time Halloween Sale, with up to 20% off store-wide!

🍬 CandyCorn Event 🍬

Collect delicious candy corn from slaying naturally-spawning zombies, zombie pigman, skeletons, witches and slimes to redeem for a rare candy corn set of items on ALL realm(s)!

Note: Spawner-generated mobs do not drop candy corn!

Halloween Lobby & Spawn

Check out the halloween-themed spawn and lobby!

Haunted Castle Adventure Map 🏚️

Take a cruise through the massive Halloween adventure map on our Event server! The map features many fun puzzles, trick & treating, rooms, haunted houses, scary jump scares, and a free reward claimable on both realms when completed!

Visit the halloween event through the spooky carved pumpkin behind you in the lobby!

Hints / Clues

Floor one

Dining Hall - Dining can't start without either end of the table being seated! Library - There's something striking about these cursed books here, they seem to match.

Fountain - Face the fountain if you seek redemption? That's awfully cryptic.

Sewer entrance - Seems like there's a trail of blood, wonder where it leads.

Plant room - The only room in this house that doesn't reek of death.

Kitchen - The meat in here doesn't look right...

Floor two

Living room, fireplace - Looks like there are hinges on the fireplace, wonder how to open it.

Storage closet - Pretty dusty in here.

Ballroom - Left, up, right, back, right, up, right.

Piano room - Being a talented musician opens many doors in life, can't hurt to give it a try!

Bedroom - Mother always told us to never jump on the bed.

Bathroom - The mirror reveals what your eye's can't see on their own.

Floor three

Mannequin room - The skull at the end of this hall looks very grabbable... cough cough.

Clock room - Make sure you're not walking over the hint in this room!

Theatre - There must be a way to open these curtains. Maybe once the play starts. Sleeping Doll - Whatever ungodly thing is in that bed, better not wake it up. Time to tiptoe!

Floor four

Spider Attic - Spiders don't eat people. Right?


When you're collected all 15 ghost skulls, join any realm(s) to claim a free candy corn prize by typing /kit halloween!

Credits to Scooberty for the incredible event!

We hope you enjoy this Halloween update and stay safe during this spooky season!