Winter Update 2023

Winter Update 2023

Happy Holidays everyone!

It's the most magical time of the year, and we're excited to unveil our BIGGEST Winter update yet! This season brings new features, exciting events, and delightful surprises. So cozy up with your favourite winter gear and get ready to explore our winter wonderland of fun and adventure. Let's make this holiday season the most memorable one yet!

Winter Crate

Grab a key, roll the dice, and dive into a world of enchanting Christmas-themed rarities! Each item is custom made, complete with fun lore that will whisk you away into a magical winter wonderland.

Don't miss your chance to obtain the Ultra-Legendary Icebreaker Bow! This extraordinary bow has the power to freeze mobs in ice cubes with every arrow it strikes! It's one of our coolest bows ever, and you definitely don't want to miss out on it!

Present Scavenger Hunt & Winter Wonderland

Scour our winter-themed lobby for hidden presents and claim the iconic XMAS Santa hat! Also, check out the beautifully decorated Christmas-themed lobby and spawns, transforming your experience into a holiday spectacle!

Advent Calendar

Countdown to Christmas with a daily surprise! For 24 magical days, redeem a FREE gift from the enchanted Train at spawn every single day. Just teleport to /spawn, step aboard the Train, and discover your daily treasure chest of goodies!

Secret Santa

Join in the ultimate server-wide Secret Santa! Fill out this form within 72 hours to sign up, and await your secret assignment via in-game mail. Note: This festive fun is an exclusive treat for our ranked players, ensuring that every gift is filled with value and joy. All dates follow the UTC timezone.

🎄 Secret Santa Gift Preparation Guide 🎁

  1. Start by selecting a shulker box in any color that catches your eye.
  2. Think of items that would bring a smile to your face, and fill the shulker with those. Remember, it's the thought and effort that count!
  3. Rename the shulker with the in-game name (IGN) of your Secret Santa match, the one you received in your in-game mail.
  4. Bring your prepared gift to the Christmas tree near /vip at Spawn. There, you'll find a hopper waiting to transport your present. Make sure to do this by the 20th of December.

Let's make this Secret Santa an event filled with warmth, surprises, and the spirit of giving! 🌟🎅🎄

Let It Snow!

Witness a winter miracle as soft snow blankets our cold biomes and the spawn area. Trade rainstorms for mesmerising, harmless snowstorms. Also, all players now have access to /pweather storm (thanks to Player Suggestion #1651) – to transform your rain into a snowy paradise!

Villager Elf Markets

Warm up this season with our villager elves! They're offering hot cocoa, gingerbread cookies, and other festive treats in exchange for diamonds. Also, trade 50 Classic Candy Canes for a colored Candy Cane enchanted with knockback 2. Swing by Spawn for a cozy treat!

Winter Wonderland Build Competition

Unleash your creativity! Your task is to create a wintry masterpiece, whether it's a snow-covered castle, a cozy cabin nestled in the woods, or a festive Christmas village. Let your imagination run wild and bring the magic of the season to life!

Gather your blocks and crafting skills to construct your most enchanting winter-themed creation. Show off your creativity, design, and holiday spirit for a chance to win amazing prizes!

To enter:

  • Create a post in this channel
  • Tag it with either green, blue or red realm depending on where the build is
  • Don't just tell us about it - show off! Share those breath-taking visuals! Shaders and custom texture packs are allowed.
  • Look out for our winners announcement!

Submission deadline: December 24, 2023 UTC timezone

Prizes are as follows:

  • 🥇 - WINTER KEY x10
  • 🥈 - WINTER KEY x5
  • 🥉 - WINTER KEY x3


  • Builds must be original, please don't just copy from the internet! (Online inspiration is allowed, but please don't flat out copy!)

Shoutout to issa_ctaylor for organising this event!

Surprise Christmas Presents

Keep your eyes peeled while exploring the main Overworld - Presents, in all sorts of shapes and sizes, may pop up when you least expect it! Unwrap them to reveal a sweet prize. These special presents drop Classic Candy Canes, a festive treat that are not only delicious but also a key to even sweeter collectible rewards!

Penguin Pet

Adopt your very own Penguin, the star of the Mojang Mob Vote, now available as a cuddly pet! This limited-time companion waddles alongside you on every adventure – perfect for players who adore all things adorable and fluffy! Buy the pet using diamonds from /petshop

Resource World Reset

Get ready to embark on a new journey as the Resource World undergoes a complete reset on [date]! Join us to explore fresh biomes, uncover treasure/chest loot, and caves (plus double cat key drops for weekend mining).

Season Greetings from CatCraft

As this holiday season sparkles to life, we want to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone who's been part of our CatCraft journey this year.

May your holidays be packed with exciting late-night mining adventures for cat keys, collecting all the new delicious goodies & rarities, and crafting moments that turn into cherished memories. Your support is our greatest gift and we're looking forward to more fun and shared adventures next year!

Happy Holidays and warm wishes from all of us at CatCraft!