StarCats Update 2023

StarCats Update 2023

Hey everyone!

We are excited to announce an epic new update inspired by your favourite film in a galaxy far, far away - introducing our most popular update, StarCats!

This interstellar update will feature the following new features:

StarCats Crate

Grab a key, roll the dice and try for any of our space-themed rarities! These item textures were custom designed and come with awesome lore!

Ultimate StarSaber

Behold the Ultimate StarSaber, a weapon of unmatched power and prestige, obtainable exclusively from the StarCats crate. This ancient relic radiates a plasma blade of pure, unbridled energy capable of cleaving through any substance known to the cosmos.

Once brandished by both the venerable Jedi and the formidable Sith, the Starsaber embodies the very soul of the Force. It stands as a beacon of hope, a testament to unrivaled mastery, and an eternal reminder of the ceaseless battle between the luminous light and the enigmatic dark sides.

This ultra-legendary Starsaber possesses an extraordinary ability: the Saber throw. With a graceful flick of the wrist, the StarSaber soars through the air, striking mobs with a fierce torrent of flame before returning to its wielder like a cosmic boomerang. It also boasts a remarkable chromatic versatility, allowing the StarSaber to effortlessly shift between all the vibrant hues of the galactic spectrum.

By acquiring this unparalleled collectible rarity, you'll join an elite group of CatCrafters who have claimed their rightful place among the stars. The Starsaber, steeped in the legends of the galaxy, will serve as an enduring symbol of your triumphs and conquests in the vast universe of CatCraft.

Secure this invaluable rarity, and let the celestial glow of the Ultimate Starsaber forever guide your journey through the realms of light and shadow as you command its awe-inspiring power and chromatic brilliance.

X-Wings Elytra

Introducing the stunning X-Wings Elytra, a precious collectible rarity obtainable exclusively from the StarCats crate. Inspired by the legendary X-Wings starfighter, this breathtaking design will elevate your aerial prowess to unmatched heights as you navigate the Overworld like an elite pilot.

The X-Wings Elytra embodies the iconic spacecraft's staggering speed and indomitable spirit, transforming you into a celestial envoy in the vast skies of the Realm. As you glide effortlessly through the world, a trail of scorching flames erupts in your wake, crafting a mesmerizing spectacle that captivates onlookers and attests to your supreme mastery of the skies.

Claim this extraordinary rarity from the StarCats crate and embrace your destiny as a guardian of the galactic frontier. With the X-Wings Elytra at your command, you'll forge an unforgettable legacy as you conquer the boundless realms and etch your name among the stars.

Wookie Bowcaster

Behold the mesmerizing Wookiee Bowcaster, an ultra-legendary collectible found exclusively in the StarCats crate. Inspired by the fearless Wookiee warrior Chewbacca, this expertly crafted weapon offers unmatched rapid-fire capabilities.

Embrace Chewbacca's spirit as you unleash a torrent of arrows, striking fear into your foes. Claim the Wookiee Fury Crossbow from the StarCats crate, and let the primal roar of the Wookiee reverberate through the realms as you conquer all that stands in your way.

Ultimate StarSaber & X-Wing Elytra Showcase


Experience a galactic-themed Spawn, showcasing a riveting aerial clash between the forces of light and darkness, as they engage in a mesmerizing battle.

Craft your own StarSaber Event

Prepare yourselves for a legendary adventure like no other! The cosmos has bestowed upon our realms seven magnificent StarSabers, shimmering in hues of blue, orange, yellow, green, pink, purple, and red. These vibrant weapons, not to be confused with the visually superior StarCats crate variants, are entirely free to obtain, offering all players an opportunity to embark on a journey of epic proportions!

To harness the unparalleled power of a Starsaber, you must first prove your bravery by collecting 50 mystical Kyber Crystals. These Kyber crystals lie hidden within the hearts of formidable mobs scattered throughout the Realm.

  • Battle the watery depths to vanquish Drowned zombies for the Light Blue Kyber crystals.
  • Face the explosive Creepers and claim the vibrant Green Kyber crystals.
  • Soar through the skies, engaging Ghasts in combat to seize the radiant Orange Kyber crystals.
  • Brave the Nether to conquer Zombie Pigmen and capture the Pink Kyber crystals.
  • Slay Enderman in the End world to acquire the Purple Kyber crystals.
  • Outwit the fearsome Piglin Brutes to secure the fiery Red Kyber crystals.
  • Engulf Blazes in battle to earn the striking Yellow Kyber crystals.
  • Defeat the ominous Wither Skeletons to unearth the Dark Kyber crystals hidden within. (Optional)
  • Venture into the depths of the dark cities and slay the formidable Wardens to obtain the coveted Turquoise Kyber crystals. (Optional)
  • Dive into the treacherous ocean monuments and eliminate Guardians to collect the gleaming Blue Kyber crystals. (Optional)

Once you've proven your worth by gathering five unique Kyber shards, travel to /spawn and seek the wisdom of the master metalsmith villager. Aboard the celestial ship near the piñata spawnpoint, they stand ready to forge your very own Starsaber.

Limited-Edition Porg Pet

Say Hello to our adorable new Porg pet! These cute companions join us from a galaxy far, far away, seeking a friend to join them on your countless adventures.

To adopt a Porg pet, deposit diamond blocks into your diamond bank balance and secure your new companion using the command /pet buy.

Don't miss the chance, as these irresistible pets will only be available until the end of this month!