Shamrock Update 2023 🍀

Shamrock Update 2023 🍀

Hello everyone!

For this update, we're excited to announce the following new features:

  • Shamrock Crate
  • Pot o Gold Scavenger Hunt
  • Clover Craze Event
  • Nether Reset

Shamrock Crate ☘️

Grab a key, roll the dice and try for any of our lucky rarities! These item textures were custom designed and come with fun lore!

There are a total of 35 rarities and three ultra-legendary items.

Shamrock Bow

Embellished with the essence of Shamrocks, this bow is a harbinger of bountiful fortune. At the core of the bow lies a diamond of ethereal origins, glowing with a soft spectrum of vivid rainbow hues.

When you take aim with this enchanted bow and let an arrow soar, you'll witness a cascade of green particles as it strikes a mob.

Its power to rain blessings upon its target is unparalleled, even capable of making the most arduous battles doable. Now, you, too, can own the might of the Shamrock Bow, spreading luck to all those around you. Draw your bowstring and let this legendary weapon perform its magic.

Piglin Punisher

In the fiery depths of the Nether, a courageous Piglin warrior named Grimgor fiercely defended his Bastion Remnant home from dangerous and fearsome mobs that were relentlessly attacking. The enchanted battle axe, crafted from pure gold and sharpened to perfection, emitted a spectacular display of volcano particles with each devastating hit.

Grimgor's boldness and fortitude were acknowledged with this legendary weapon, which signified his exalted status as a respected and admired warrior. Now, you, too, can wield an enchanted battle axe and unleash its awe-inspiring power on the dangerous and unpredictable mobs that inhabit the server.

Emerald Excavator

For generations, the Emerald Excavator has remained the most coveted and rarest pickaxe in the Overworld, attracting the attention of both miners and adventurers alike.

Many speculate that the Emerald Excavator is the work of the Egyptian Cat Gods, while others are convinced a long-lost civilization with secret knowledge created it. Despite the countless attempts to uncover its provenance, the origins of this pickaxe remains veiled in obscurity.

The fortunate few who secure the Emerald Excavator are revered as paragons of wealth, might, and prestige, forever immortalized as the greatest miners. Take up the pickaxe and unearth the ores hidden beneath the surface, inscribing your name in history.

Clover Craze Event 🍀

We're excited to announce our latest event, Clover Craze, themed around St Patrick's day this month!

Embark on an adventure to the Resource world and collect Clovers by slaying mobs or mining ores. Collect 50 Clover leaves to redeem for an exclusive Clover toolset by trading with the villager near spawn.

Mobs included are zombies, zombie pigman, skeletons, wither skeletons, slimes and witches (Both Overworlds). For mining, the ores included are gold, diamonds and emeralds (Including deepslate variants - Resource world only).

The Great Pot o' Gold Hunt 🟡

Get ready to put your treasure hunting skills to the test with our Pot o' Gold Scavenger Hunt! We've hidden 10 shiny Pot o' Gold blocks all around the server lobby, and it's up to you to find them all. Once you've collected them all, you can claim your FREE prize by joining any of our Realms and typing in the command /kit shamrock

Nether World Reset 🔥

The Nether Reset is fast approaching, scheduled for March 11th at 9PM UTC! It's time to gear up, brew some fire resistance potions, and get ready to embark on an epic adventure to the fiery depths of the Nether world!

Don't forget to safeguard any valuable items in the current Nether by transferring them to your main base in the Overworld before the reset. The harsh environment in the Nether is an unforgiving place, but don't let that scare you! The new biomes are filled with unexplored dungeons, fresh ores, and plenty of loot waiting to be discovered.