StarCats Update 2022

StarCats Update 2022

Hello everyone!

We are excited to celebrate in the May 4th StarWars day through our inspired StarCats update for this month!

StarCats Crate

Grab a key, roll the dice and try for any of our 28 rare exclusive StarCats items! These crate textures were inspired by the StarWars theme and come with fun lore written up by creative writer, aichromic!

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Let’s be honest; not everyone can be a Jedi. Instead of a lightsaber, the average person wields a vibroweapon. A little subtler, maybe, but can be just as deadly when wielded in the right hands.

Extraterrestrial Electrostaff
A quarterstaff that’ll knock you off your feet. The electricity running through this is no joke- the instantaneous muscle tension it causes can throw you back with concussive force.

Starship Socketwrench
The mechanics choice. When you’re hurtling through space at the speed of light, you want to make sure that you know how to repair any issues that might find their way onboard- or how to destroy them.

Darkside Lightsaber
Though difficult, some powerful mages and force-sensitives have managed to twist the potent energy of the kyber crystals to serve evil rather than good.

Crossguard Lightsaber
The instability of this saber makes it a dangerous tool. Whether you choose light or dark, you will follow the irresistible pull of the force with this sword by your side.

Alliance Lightsaber
Known and feared, a lightsaber lives up to its legacy as an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. Modern comforts have made it possible for you to own and wield this tool with ease.

Solo Blaster
We’ve all heard it- ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster by your side. Whether or not it’s actually true, scoundrels and players alike will be glad to have this weapon in their arsenal!

Planetary Pickaxe
Unearthed in the mines of Naboo, this humble pickaxe was built to quarry Alum and little else. Guided by your hand, though, there’s no telling what it can do!

Dark Matter Drill
Once intangible and existing only in theory, dark matter evades our capture despite it making up the majority of the universe. This pickaxe claims to be able to strike through it- whether or not this is true is yet to be seen.

Moondust Miner
Who knows what secrets lie beneath the lunar surface? Grab this pickaxe and start moving moon rocks and tearing through titanium basalts- there are countless mysteries just waiting to be uncovered.

Midi-Chlorian Mace
Originally meant to show the affinity for an individual to pull at the threads of the universe, this deeply hated concept has been repurposed to measure a new kind of force: that of a blunt weapon when bashed into someone's skull.

Meteorite Masher
Batter moons, bash meteors, and break anything in your way! This weapon is built to whack, wallop, and win!

Polaris Poleaxe
The north star sits proudly in the sky, a beacon for all who see it. Let this weapon be your guiding light in the darkness of battle.

Dune Digger
You don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating- and it gets everywhere. Thankfully, this shovel will let you move sand wherever you’d like- ideally as far away from you as possible.

Crater Creator
Strike the ground with the force of a thousand asteroids! Empty chasms and cleared chunks are at your fingertips with the potent power of this tool.

Supernova Spade
Dig into the milky way. Scoop the very stars out of the sky. Work tirelessly under the watchful gaze of an infinite galaxy as pieces die and are reborn.

Stormtrooper Sunglasses
Being a cog in the machine is hard work, especially when being blinded by blaster pistols are an everyday risk! These sick shades protect your eyes and help keep you cool in the heat of battle.

Penumbra Paletot
Stitched and sewn on the dark side of the moon, the depths of this strange cape are as dark as a black hole and seemingly as bottomless. If you put something in your pocket, there’s no guarantee the void won’t keep it.

Sith Lord Slacks
A master of evil can’t be seen shopping for asteroid belts! These pants are perfectly fitted and the perfect elegant touch to your villainous look.

Yoda Slippers
Ask anybody you know- they’ll be able to recognize the trademark ears and mint green color. Any vendor will tell you: the easiest way to have a jedi with you, this is. In comfort, your path you must follow.

Astronauts Helmet
The most important piece of equipment for a human space sailor. No need to worry; this helmet will keep you safe as the wonders of the galaxy take your breath away.

Astronauts Chestplate
An industry standard for pilots across the galaxy! Keep yourself safe in the navigator seat with this anti-radiation plate.

Astronauts Leggings
Outshine the competition! Made from the fabric of space and studded with stars, these pants are for those who know they’re dazzling.

Spacewalk Sneakers
The rockets in the heels of these shoes are critical to move around in zero gravity. Not quite powerful enough for flight while planetside!

Mandalorian Helmet
Durasteel and Beskar come together to make one of the most identifiable pieces of armor around. Conceal your identity, and your weaknesses.

Beskar Chestplate
In the farthest reaches of space, a master armorer stepped out of a nether portal into the forge of a mandalorian. The result? A piece of near-unbreakable armor forged in both netherite and beskar.

Beskar Leggings
Mobility is important to any great bounty hunter! These stretchy and durable chromasheath pants use mandalorian steel splints to optimize both dexterity and defense.

Beskar Boots
For every step forward, know that this is the way. You are as durable and unyielding as this armor. Move through the battlefield with the grace and practiced steps of a warrior.

Craft your own STARSABER

We've added 7 collectible Starsabers to all the Realms!
There are blue, orange, yellow, green, pink, purple, and red colours available!

To obtain a Starsaber, you must grind for x5 Kyber Crystal shards.
Kyber Crystal shards can only be found through slaying various hostile mobs on the server.

  • Blue Kyber shards can be found by slaying Drowned zombies.
  • Green Kyber shards can be found by slaying Creepers.
  • Orange Kyber shards can be found by slaying Ghasts.
  • Pink Kyber shards can be found by slaying Zombie pigman.
  • Purple Kyber shards can be found by slaying the Ender dragon.
  • Red Kyber shards can be found by slaying Piglin brutes.
  • Yellow Kyber shards can be found by slaying blazes.

Once you've collected x5 unique Kyber shards, travel to /spawn and speak with the metal smith villager, inside the ship near the pinata spawnpoint.

Some Kyber shards are rarer to find than others!

Nether World Reset

The Nether world will reset this week! Please see the #annoncements channel on our discord server to keep updated on when reset is set for scheduled!

The next Nether world will be 30k x 30k in size, generated off 1.18.2 terrain and applies to ALL realms.

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