Server Update 5.3 | Wild Update

Server Update 5.3 | Wild Update

Hey all!

CatCraft underwent the 1.19 Wild update at the start of the month, which bought exciting new items/blocks, and thrilling ancient cities! This update showcases numerous highly upvoted player suggestions now implemented to the Realms, the End reset, the Wild Crate, and other noteworthy additions.

Wild Crate

Check out the exciting Wild Crate, featuring 19 custom textured items (Including two special items) designed around the new mobs in the 1.19 update, notably the Warden, Frog and Allay. Thank you cozyveil for writing the creative lores!

Special Features

The Warden Sword is an absolute behemoth of a sword that can obliterate Wardens in three consecutive blows using its unique sonic boom strikes!

The Allay Bow shows cosmetic snowflake particles when the arrow lands on an entity!

All Items

Warden Sword
A powerful, dark blade capable of sonic-speed strikes.Warden Pickaxe

Warden Pickaxe
Bust through the stone violently with this sharp and precise pickaxe.

Warden Axe
This large, imposing battle-axe carries a staggering force that rivals the swings of the wardens it’s inspired by.

Warden Shovel
With this shovel’s wide, tapered head, it’s optimal for fast burrowing and other kinds of rapid digging.

Warden Helmet
The protection of a fine armor piece without the warden’s lack of vision.

Warden Chestplate
Along with the potency of this chestplate’s defense, one can’t help but feel as if they hear multiple hearts beating while wearing it.

Warden Leggings
Despite the stiff and robust nature of these heavily plated leggings, they have a surprising range of movement.

Warden Boots
The harsh pounding these boots create practically resembles an earthquake.

Frog Sword
Don’t let the soft pink fool you; this frog has a sharp tongue.

Frog Pickaxe
This mean green mining machine turns diamonds and gold into a breezy affair.

Frog Axe
Using this axe, you can fell trees for your frog brethren to reside in. You could fell opponents in battle, too.

Frog Shovel
This frog-inspired shovel is fated for excursions in ponds and rivers for clay and dirt.

Frog Helmet
Disclaimer: No frogs were harmed in the creation of this helmet.

Frog Chestplate
One could say a chestplate of this nature would be ineffective, but it's simply too cute to consider attacking someone in it.

Frog Leggings
These frog legs are comfortable and allow for a wide range of motion, making for a useful addition even if they don’t make you jump higher.

Frog Boots
Resembling slippers, these bullfrog booties are ideal for traversing muddy or wet landscapes.

Allay Wand
An elegant scepter with radiant cyan gems; this wand is a blatant display of poise and prowess.

Allay Bow
Bathed in allay magic; arrows fired from this bow always seem to find their mark.

Allay Elytra
These lightweight and elegant wings were engineered with those of the allay in mind.

CatCraft | Welcome
The Wild Crate is available for a limited time at


We are resetting the End world tomorrow (July 10th) at 10:00PM UTC! See our discord server for more information and the times in your timezone!

Implemented Player Suggestions

Suggestion 03/10/2022
Potions redesigned with a brand new Webbed Paws, and new RGB colors!
Webbed Paws provides water-breathing and dolphins grace for ten minutes!

Suggestion 05/22/2022
Sponges can now be veinmined using hoes.

Suggestion 05/19/2022
The jump effect is now added for players in the Cat Canyon Mines

Suggestion #5
Players can now toggle listening into a channel (Including the Global chat!)
To leave a channel, type /leave [channel]

/leave [Channel]
Leave a chat channel. e.g., Global, Group, Market
/channel [Channel]
Join a chat channel. e.g., Global, Group, Market
Quick alias for returning to Global chat.

This new feature allows players to listen into or leave channels.

If you’re looking to advertise your shop, items or anything related to the Market, you could join the Market channel, using the command /channel Market then broadcast your message to everyone tuning in the Market channel.

If you would like to stop receiving messages from the Market channel, simply type /leave Market and all messages from the Market channel will no longer show for you.

This new feature is especially useful if you would like to hide global chat when focussing on builds, without compromising on receiving/sending PMs and clan messages!

Suggestion #19
We’re modified how spawners work so that spawners do not break when a player does not have permission to break that specific spawner type.

Suggestion #44
Added the command /ts togglestatus

Suggestion #79
+ Added the Allay Pet!
More pets coming soon!
Purchase pets using diamonds in your bank through the command /petshop

Suggestion #63
Added a command to toggle instant vein mining. Use /veinminer toggle
Added a command to toggle instant tree chopping. Use /treechop

Suggestion #95
Use the command /trade to trade items and diamonds in your bank with other players without the need of tpa’ing to them.

Would you like to submit a suggestion for CatCraft? Join our discord server, and type -suggest [suggestion] to submit your idea!

If your suggestion was not shown here, fret not! Some highly-upvoted player suggestions are still in-progress and may be revealed in near future updates :)
Thank you to everyone that submitted and upvoted on player suggestions! We welcome all your ideas to continue improving the survival SMP experience for everyone on CatCraft!