Fall Update 🍂

Fall Update 🍂

Hello everyone!

For this month's update, we're featuring many new improvements and additions to improve the quality of life gameplay experience on CatCraft!

Update to 1.19.2

We’ve updated all realms to the latest version of Minecraft!

Allay’s dance to jukeboxes and can breed using amethyst shards!

Nether and Resource World Reset 🗺️

The nether and resource worlds were long overdue, and we are excited to reset them to bring a refreshing new terrain to explore, loot and build on!

The nether and resource worlds reset tomorrow at 8 PM GMT! (Friday 9th September)

💙 Blue Realm at 8 PM (UTC Timezone)

❤️ Red Realm at 8:15 PM (UTC Timezone)

💚 Green Realm at 8:30 PM (UTC Timezone)

Nether Random Teleport 🧭

We've also introduced a highly requested addition: A random teleport option for the Nether world! This feature makes exploring the nether more accessible and quicker for everyone!

Use the command /wild to randomly teleport!

Fall Crate

Grab a key, roll the dice and try for any of our 24 rare seasonal Fall themed items! These crate textures were custom designed and come with fun lore written by our talented creative writer, cozyveil!
Available until 31st September 2022


Mapleleaf Sword
With every swipe of this autumnal blade, leaves of gorgeous amber break off and swirl into the wind.

Acorn Blade
This acorn-resembling sword has a pointed tip, designed to swiftly end your duels with a sharp jab.

Rusted Sword
Although this blade is quite weathered, the damage it can cause is not to be gawked at.

Mapleleaf Pickaxe
Bring Autumn underground with this spectacular and colorful pickaxe!

Acorn Pickaxe
This seed-based pickaxe can make quick work of rock and ore.

Rusted Pickaxe
Perhaps used by a great miner of old, this pickaxe is reliable despite its wear.

Mapleleaf Axe
In dramatic irony, this axe allows the leaves to cut down their own trees.

Acorn Battle Axe
Use this light, yet effective acorn themed battle axe to send your opponents fleeing into the leaves!

Rusted Axe
Under the rest lies a surprisingly efficient and comfortable tree-felling tool.

Mapleleaf Shovel
This mapleleaf themed shovel is perfect for gardening and digging up root vegetables.

Acorn Shovel
This shovel’s head resembles an acorn, with a pointed end.

Rusted Shovel
A rusted shovel that has seen a lifetime of hard work.

Acorn Helmet
Resembling the acorn’s cupule, this helmet almost appears beret-like from afar.

Acorn Armorplate
An armorplate crafted with tough acorn shells and seeds.

Acorn Leggings
The smooth, protectant plating on these leggings almost makes them resemble wood.

Acorn Boots
These sleek and tough booties were designed for tough terrain and climbing trees.

Mapleleaf Crown
This crown is weaved from natural greenery with a beautiful orange leaf in the center.

Mapleleaf Armorplate
This gorgeous sunset colored chest piece is great for both protection and camouflage.

Mapleleaf Leggings
These leggings have an outer layer of various leaves in a gorgeous Autumnal gradient.

Mapleleaf Boots
Crafted with trudging through dense fall woodlands in mind, these amber boots have the print of a pin oak leaf in their soles.

Scarecrow’s Hat
A weathered and frayed straw hat. Perfect protection against the bright sun, and crows.

Scarecrow’s Button-up
A worn button up, with a charming white pattern.

Scarecrow’s Shorts
Worn, patched up pants that probably once belonged to a farmer.

Straw Wrappings
Loose, tough straw provides ample mobility for traversing the cornfield.

Download the latest 1.19.2 texturepack from here!


We've reintroduced the much-loved itembox! The itembox is a command (/itembox send {player}) that lets you send items to other players, whether online or offline!

Use the itembox command to send gifts to your friends!


Market Performance Improvements

We've improved the FPS for players in the Market by approximately ~63% through various optimisations! Your experience in the Market should feel a lot smoother, especially for those on older/slower devices without any noticeable differences.

Introducing double-sized barrels!

Barrels now fit twice as much storage, making it a more economical and lag-friendly alternative to chests!! We've pushed this update to encourage everyone to use barrels for chestshops to keep up with the increasing popularity in the Market. This is also an excellent addition for those with megabases or farms that require large storage spaces.

Command Optimisations (Bedrock Edition Users)

We've eliminated command lag for Minecraft bedrock users (particularly those on pocket edition) when typing the slash / command. For a list of commands available on the server, please see here.