Summer Update ☀️

Summer Update ☀️

Hello everyone!

Summer is just around the corner, and we're excited to announce the following new features, to bring out the most for this season!

Summer Sale ⛱️☀️

We're hosting a store-wide 10% off sale for a limited time only! Check out the CatCraft store here.

Summer Crate 🌴☀️

We’re excited to bring the first Summer Crate, featuring 18 unique items, written by our talented creative writers! The summer crate is available for a limited time through our server store.

Artist: cozyveil
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Summer Collectors Cosmetics 🎣☀️

We're releasing seven unique fishing rods that are obtainable by everyone through fishing throughout this month!

The fishing rods include the twig fishing rod, bamboo fishing rod, sugarcane fishing rod, silver fishing rod, bronze fishing rod, gold fishing rod and diamond fishing rod. The probabilities of finding a special fish vary in difficulty.

More Information

Twig Fishing Rod


  • 64 sticks
  • 10 Twig Sunfish

Bamboo Fishing Rod


  • 64 Bamboo
  • 10 Bamboo Jellyfish

Sugarcane Fishing Rod


  • 64 Sugarcane
  • 10 Sugarcane pickerel

Silver Fishing Rod


  • 32 Iron Ingots
  • 10 Silver Salmon

Bronze Fishing Rod


  • 32 Copper Ingots
  • 10 Bronze Cod

Gold Fishing Rod


  • 32 Gold Ingots
  • 10 Golden Karp

Diamond Fishing Rod


  • 32 Diamonds
  • 10 Diamond Angler

Credit to for the fish textures.

Summer Build Competition 🌇

Build theme: Summer ☀️


You can submit one entry; the build must be your work and not be a copy of someone else's. The build must fit within a maximum of 50x50 sized plot and be built on the CC Realm(s).


Build Showcase!
Hey there,If you’ve made it this far, then you probably know what’s up! In this form, you can submit your builds, big or small to be showcased on the catcraft instagram (! On the first Sunday of every month, builds will be chosen, photographed and showcased for all…


Starts: Now
Ends: 28th June 2022


Winners builds are displayed on our Instagram, Wiki, and include store-credit giftcards as a bonus!

🥇1st place gets $15
🥈2nd place gets $10
🥉3rd place gets $5



We are resetting the End world tomorrow (June 4th) at 12:15 UTC! See our discord server for more information!

Join our discord server at


Check out our new Wiki site theme! We will be bringing out more helpful pages, and additions to our Wiki articles over the next few months!