Server Update 5.0 | Valentines Update!

Server Update 5.0 | Valentines Update!

Hello everyone!

Valentine's Day is all about celebrating our affection, love, friendship and admiration. Whether you have a significant other or not, this is a perfect time for us to express our appreciation for your support throughout the past year and how much we value our community!

For this seasonal update, we are introducing the popular Valentines crate, featuring 16 new items and a limited 7-day storewide SALE with 10% off everything! Click the arrow below to check out the items.

Valentines Crate

Cupid’s Crest
Imbued with the blessing of Cupid, this helmet combines rose-tinted glass and powerful magic to protect those who don his headpiece.

Soulmate Sweater
Heartstrings weave together to protect you with the most powerful force on earth: love. (The netherite certainly helps.)

Bedazzled Breeches
Flashy and bold, these are the very definition of party pants. Well suited to a night out on the town or the battlefield!

Candy Gumboots
Heart-shaped candy and milk chocolate protect your feet with these sugar-sweet kicks!

Heartbreaker Stiletto
As beautiful as it is deadly, this intricately crafted blade is the perfect tool to slice your suitors to smithereens.

Quilted Cudgel
With a soft velvet cover and plush handle, this bludgeon is the height of luxury. Destruction has never been so opulent!

Queen of Hearts Hatchet
With sharp crystal edges and twisting gold details, this is a weapon built for wicked royalty. Off with your enemies heads!

Sweetheart’s Spade
Although not as traditional as an arrow through the heart, a shovel to the head can certainly suffice.

Windbite Bandana
In subzero temperatures, one of the most important things to do is keep your head warm. Unfortunately, this headkerchief will only make you cooler.

Verglas Chainmail
Covered in a thin layer of ice, this clever chestplate forces weapons to slip and slide harmlessly off of you!

Pioneer’s Pants
Built for warmth and resilience, these pants will serve you well as you traverse through the trials and tribulations of the land!

Voyager Footwraps
How can you know someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes? Luckily for you, these boots will keep you comfortable every step of the way.

Winter’s Edge
Forged in the depths of an icy cavern, this permafrost sword is cold and mean in the face of the blistering sun.

Upcycled Icepick
Using a retrofitted ice skate and a solid wooden handle, this pick is the peak of practicality!

Frostbite Battleaxe
Double-bladed, fast, and wicked. This weapon is as sharp as the north wind and equally unstoppable!

Arctic Trowel
There are few tools built strong enough to break through the thick ice that floats on the frozen oceans. There are even fewer that are as cool as this one!