Server Update 4.9 | Green Realm

Server Update 4.9 | Green Realm

Hello everyone!

We're excited to announce the following new additions to the CatCraft Realms!

Green Realm

We introduce our newest realm, Green Realm, which features brand new terrain generated from a 1.18.1 seed. Thank you to everyone that joined us on our opening day, and welcome all newcomers to CatCraft!

Wiki Changelog

For those new to CatCraft or looking for an in-depth guide to many of the unique and fun features available on CatCraft, please see our wiki page, Getting Started, to learn more!

Playful Cats

We've added three new additions to Cats on CatCraft!

  1. When you throw a piece of string at your tamed pet cat, it will chase after the string and play with it (like a real cat). Other nearby cats will also join in if they notice the string.
  2. Cats will purr when you repeatedly pet it by right-clicking it.
  3. When taking raw salmon out of a chest, there is a small chance for your cat to steal your salmon from the chest and eat it if you're too slow.
TIP: Holding sneak and right-clicking your cat once heals your cat half a heart!

Clan Claiming

Clan owners can claim land for their clan and allow all clan members within their clan to receive trust permissions to interact and build.

The trust permissions for the claim(s) can be customized to partial or complete access trust. Use the command /clan claim [permission].

The clan claiming feature was an excellent player suggestion for Clans as it would allow you to provide your members access to the clan mob and crop farm storage system(s) without giving build permissions to modify the farm.

Click to learn more about Land Claiming.


The pets plugin has updated to 1.18.1, which means any pet(s) you bought with your precious diamond blocks are accessible again!

Cat Crate Key Ore Drops

We've re-implemented the cat key drop from mining emeralds, diamonds and gold ore. Deepslate variants of the ores are also included. Additionally, we've kept the exact probabilities used before the new 1.18.1 terrain overhaul; therefore, the chances of finding a cat key should be easier than before!