Server Update 4.5

Server Update 4.5

Hello everyone!

We're excited to announce the following new additions and updates!

Introducing sponsored slots! Use your diamonds to purchase a sponsored listing for your shop through the command /slots . Sponsored slots help drive traffic to your shop and increase sales. There are options to claim a slot for a month, week or day, however, you can only own one slot per day.

World Resets

Resource, Nether and End worlds scheduled to reset. (Does not include the never resetting overworld).

World Size Reset Scheduled Date
Resource World 25k x 25k November 6th at 7 PM EST
Nether 30k x 30k November 6th at 7 PM EST
The End 25k x 25k November 6th at 7 PM EST

Click here to see the times and dates in your time zone.


Pet your dogs and cats by sneaking and right-clicking to heal them.

Support Portal

Features as easy to navigate hub for connecting to the server, contacting staff, applications, RGB gradient generator for coloured nicknames, bug report form, and a dedicated page for downloading the latest texturepack. Check it all out here:

RGB Gradient Generator

Customize your nickname with RGB gradients (Jaguar+ ranks). Check it out here