CatCraft Server Update v4.0

CatCraft Server Update v4.0

​Hello everyone!

CatCraft is excited to announce the PirateIsland 2 grand event!

+Summer Sale (The first-ever sale on CatCraft!) - everything storewide 10% off

+ A HUGE Pirate Island 2 Event, with fun puzzles, clues, mazes, parkour, and lots of adventure! Begin the journey on your own or as a group to uncover the secrets of the Oasis Isle on the 3rd July at 4 pm EST // 8:30 pm UTC.

+ Pirate Island 2 Treasure Crates! All rarities include beautifully designed custom textures!

+ New texture pack update is available for download! Navigate to the #texture-pack on the discord server for the link.

+ Fixed issues with low spawn rates with iron golem farms. Now Iron golem farms will produce an enormous 3-4 times more iron than previously!

+ Massive increase in mob spawning rates and caps! Additional significant improvements to server performance during high player counts through minor adjustments to common passive mob mechanics and other systems will have zero impact on the gameplay experience.

Pirate Island Information

CatCraft will be presenting Pirate Island 2, an enormous event that includes fun puzzles, mazes, light parkour, adventure, and many other exciting features! The server-wide event will release on the 3rd July 2021 at 4 pm EST // 8:30 pm UTC. To stay up-to-date will all new additions on CatCraft, consider joining the new discord notification roles available in the #welcome channel.

Pirate Island Treasure Crates

Rare Treasure Crate

Pirate island Rare Treasure Crate


x1 Captain's Tricorn
x1 Captain's Frock Coat
x1 Captain's Leggings
x1 Captain's Boots
x1 Captain's Cutlass
x1 Captain's Pickaxe
x1 Captain's Axe
x1 Captain's Shovel
x1 Kraken Sword
x1 Kraken Pickaxe
x1 Kraken Axe
x1 Kraken Shovel
x1 Kraken Helmet
x1 Kraken Chestplate
x1 Kraken Leggings
x1 Kraken Boots
x1 Sailor's Doom*
x1 Sailor Hat
x1 Sailor Doublet
x1 Sailor Leggings
x1 Sailor Boots
*The Sailor's Doom is a special cosmetic item showing musical particles when the trident is thrown!

Common Treasure Crate

Pirate Island Common Treasure Crate


x1 Treasure Cove
x32 Enchanting Bottles
x1 Bottle o Rum.'
x14 Iron Ingots
x12 Gold Ingots
x24 Gunpowder
x5 Diamonds
x16 Spectral Arrows
x1 Tropical Fish Spawn Egg
x1 Dolphin Spawn Egg
x1 Turtle Spawn Egg
x1 Parrot Spawn Egg
x1 Skull Banner Design
x2 Golden Apples
x1 Heart of the Sea
x1 Gunner Helmet
x1 Gunner Jacket
x1 Woolen Breeches
x1 Leather Boots
x1 Gray Parrot Pet
x1 Blue Parrot Pet
x1 Cyan Parrot Pet
x1 Green Parrot Pet
x1 Red Parrot Pet
x1 Trident
x1 Rare TreasureCrate Key
x1 Cutlass Sabre

Download the official CatCraft texturepack in the #texturepack channel on the discord server.

Note: Optifine must be installed to see the armour sets!

Pirate Island Event Guide
How to join the Pirate Island event:

1) Clear your inventory from all items/blocks, except for the following items:

x1 Gold Ingot
x1 Bow (Must have the flame enchantment)
x64 Arrows (Or one arrow if you have the infinity enchantment on your bow)
Note: If you do not have an enchanted bow with flame, please continue reading below.

2) Trade the gold ingot for the pirate island starter pack to obtain the compasses used for travelling to each of the six locations, as well as a handbook guide to provide hints/tips if you're ever stuck. The starter pack can be bought from the villager by the entrance of the pirate island portal at /games

3) Ensure you have a bow enchanted with flame and a stack of arrows in your inventory.
Note: If you do not have a bow with the Flame enchantment, you can buy one for five diamonds by the villager near the entrance of the pirate island portal at /games

4) Join the #pirate-island voice chat on the discord server (Optional)

5) You're now all ready to enter a world full of mystery, excitement, and adventure!

Pirate Island Locations

Submerged Cavern: Take the dive and swim your way through the caverns in search of all 6 skulls!
Ghost Skulls: 6

Hanging Port: Search around the hanging port to find all of the 6 skulls!
Ghost Skulls: 6

Temple of Ruin: This mysterious temple houses 6 skulls, but only the worthy may collect them. Jump on down and complete the four puzzles inside to gain access to where the skulls are held!
Ghost Skulls: 6

The Lighthouse: Clamber up the broken lighthouse steps and gather all 6 skulls at the very top!
Tip #1: Stuck on the parkour? Look for the blue button for help!
Ghost Skulls: 6

Oasis Shrine: Figure out how to power each of the four towers and open the centre shrine's gates. Inside you will find the skulls you are looking for!
Ghost Skulls: 6

Frozen Ship: Trifle through the old ship's treasure to find all 5 skulls and uncover the mystery of where the 6th skull is hiding.
Tip #1: Search the quest book to uncover where the last one is located.)
Tip #2: Light the frozen fires ablaze and make haste! You don't have much time before the bridge melts!)

Hints for each puzzle:
(1) Matching lights: Use those eyes of yours and figure out what pattern the lights should be in.
(2) Invisible maze: At first glance, it seems like a straight line to the end, but after you bump into that first wall, you'll realize that it's not so simple.
(3) Bow area: Drawback that bow of yours and aim for each of the targets. But be ready to fire again quickly once you've hit them all!
(4) Campfire puzzle: There must be a way to open these doors and reveal the mysteries on the other side. But once in, you'll need to use your brain and figure out what to do next.

Vote Links
Vote links 7 & 8 have been removed from the vote links to allow the voting process to take less time. In addition, voting every day will enable you to join in the server-wide PINATA party at spawn, as well as receiving x6 free vote crate keys!