CatCraft Server Update 4.3

CatCraft Server Update 4.3

Hello everyone!

We're excited to announce the following new additions and updates!

  • An official knowledge base website, featuring more than 50+ questions with solutions, and a fully dedicated web-based support ticket platform. Check it out at

  • Brand new CatCraft logo and custom crate key artwork.

  • Featuring a brand new website running on Ghost for super-fast page loading speeds, optimized mobile support, and easy to navigate web design.

  • Server web store completely re-designed from scratch for a cleaner, mobile-friendly and engaging design.

  • Discord support tickets have undergone a massive upgrade, now including multiple categorises, discord buttons, and automatic user-response generation to speed up support response times.

  • Server network status is now available in #server-status and pings admins when the server is down.

  • Chunk hoppers now include raw cod, prismarine crystals and prismarine shards.

  • Increased render distance on all worlds, particularly the nether and end world.

Changelog bug fixes

  • Fixed issues with the day and speed up night cycle not working as intended.
  • Added nether type doors to accept private signs for locking purposes.
  • Patched vote and pinata spam broadcasts when voting offline and banned users from voting to communicate with global chat.
  • Fixed an issue with pets not applying per realm.
  • Fixed a bug with "too many chestshops" in a chunk.
  • Removed the 1-second chat cooldown bug.
  • Fixed a small NBT tag bug. Chestshops will correctly check an items NBT tags to check whether it meets the selling goods.
  • Fixed an issue with chunk hopper auto-kill not showing.
  • Fixed the bug with the /redeem command not giving the cat diamond.

And several more...