CatCraft Server Update 4.2

CatCraft Server Update 4.2

Hello everyone!

We're excited to announce the following new quality of life additions to CatCraft!

Redstone Water Resistance
Placing water on Redstone components will no longer destroy the Redstone. This feature applies to Redstone dust, comparators, repeaters, and Redstone torches; however, we do not recommend building redstone contraptions underwater. This feature is to prevent water from destroying Redstone components.

Chunk Hoppers
A special hopper that collects items, mob drops and has an auto-kill feature for mobs. The hopper also includes an easy to use GUI to filter which mob types you want to auto-kill and which items or blocks you wish to collect.

Chunk hoppers are an efficient and lag-free collection system for:

Hostile mob farms

Auto-kill for creepers, spiders (no cave-spiders), zombies (does not include the other variants such as drowned, husks and zombie villagers), blazes, slimes and skeletons.

Crop farms

  • Carrots, potatoes, wheat, seeds, sugarcane, cactus.

Tree farms

  • All types of wood logs.

Chunk hoppers would be available for purchase on the server store.

Disable Coral Fade
Prevents coral from fading to allow for more building design opportunities.

Tags (Exclusive to the Red realm)
We are excited to introduce a new selection of tags on Red Realm. All titles are purely cosmetic and can be purchased from the server store, excluding the exclusive tags.

New Tags:

CatLover [CatLover]
For those that adore cats more than people.

Redstoner [Redstoner]
For the electrician at heart, whose bounds are only stopped by the 16th dust.

Exclusive Tags

Patron [Patron]
Redeemable for those that have significantly supported the server financially and have played for at least a month. You will be contacted if eligible for this tag.

Veteran [Veteran]
Redeemable for those with a clean history, actively played for at least a year and accumulated a minimum of 50 days of playtime. You will be contacted if eligible for this tag.

Discord Ticket Revamp
The CatCraft discord server now features multiple category tickets, including general support, player reports, grief reports, and ban appeals!

If you would like to contact the staff team, please react to the panel in #support. The command -new will no longer work.

All ban appeals are to be submitted through the official CatCraft discord server!

CatCraft Discord Music Bot
The music bot has been updated and is now operational. Use the command -help to see all music commands.

Vanilla Pets

We're introducing the highly-upvoted addition, vanilla pets, on CatCraft! Pets can be bought for diamond blocks through the pet shop by entering the command /petshop and are purely for cosmetic purposes.

Pets can be accessed using the command /pet

Everyone can purchase pets using diamond blocks through the command /petshop.

The pets follow you around and re-appear when you leave or join the server. Pets can also be re-named; however, inappropriate names are not allowed.

Everyone receives the cat pet for free!


Select all available pets that you have bought.

Purchase pets for diamond blocks.

/pet ride
Ride your pet.

/pet hat
Carry the pet on your head.

How to buy pets for diamond blocks
First, deposit your diamond blocks into your diamond bank balance like you would buy a market shop. Now, open the petshop using the command /petshop and select the pet you would like to buy by left-clicking.

Discord Boosters
A private chat channel for all our discord nitro boosters is now accessible.

Bedrock players worldborder bug fixed.
Patched a bug with the worldborder not stopping a bedrock player from passing through due to an absence of a worldborder on vanilla bedrock. This fix is active on all worlds, including the overworld, resource world, nether and end worlds.

Longer days and shorter nights!
As per a highly requested suggestion, we have to speed up night-time for the overworld and resource world to reduce crazy hostile mob spawning at night due to the high mob spawn rates on the server. This change will make zero impact on mob farms and server performance.

Nether Biome Selector and Cat Canyon Mines Re-designed
Check out the brand new nether biome selector and Cat Canyon Mines built by our talented head-builder Scooberty.