CatCraft Server Update 4.1

CatCraft Server Update 4.1

Hello everyone!

CatCraft is excited to announce the 1.17.1 server update!
(Includes new amethyst geodes, copper, deepslate ores, axolotls, glow squids, goats, and so much more!)

+ Summer Sale (The first-ever sale on CatCraft!) - everything storewide 10% off

+ Automatic Discord rank synchronization!
Discord ranks are now automatically applied by using the command /link on the Minecraft server, then copying the text and pasting in #bot-spam on the discord server to sync ranks. If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to ask in #staff-help.

+ Full reset to the resource, nether, and end worlds!*
The nether and end worlds are scheduled for reset on the 8th July 2021 at 2 am EST.

+ Biome warps reset with new fresh terrain!

+ Instant tree chopping improvements.
Individual tree detection and structure detection to prevent accidental build grief.

+ Powerful Performance Upgrade.
New server hardware upgrades to mitigate lag and allow for a smoother gameplay experience. The maximum player count has also been increased to 80.

+ Resource pack updated to 1.17.1
Download instructions in #texture-pack on the discord server.

+ Budding amethyst added to the vote crate.

For more information on the 1.17+ update, check out Mojang's article here.