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CatCraft v3.8 Server Update: Pirate Island 2

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Hello everyone!

This server update is featuring:

+ An upcoming massive Pirate Island 2 event! Check out the teaser trailer!

+ Bedrock skins compatibility. Minecraft bedrock users now support custom skins to allow Java edition players to see bedrock users' skins.

+ Performance improvements and bug fixes.

+ Important! please read the following if you own any rarities. All items with custom-made textures must be converted to the updated set of items that include a new nbt tag. This latest update to textures will allow everyone with the texture pack to see custom textures for all tools, weapons, crossbows, and bows without the need for the optifine mod! However, using optifine on catcraft will provide you the full texture pack capabilities to see all additional custom armor textures and miscellaneous items.

TDLR: All catgod items, event rarities, and exclusive seasonal items must be updated. To update your items, visit the villagers located by the entrance of the catgod pyramid at /catgod
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