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CatCraft v3.6 Server Update + Bedrock Edition Support!

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Hello everyone!

This server update will be featuring:

+ Minecraft Bedrock Edition support!
CatCraft is now accessible from players joining from Java, Windows 10, IOS, Android, and console edition. Use the default 19132 port to join at

+ Durability disabled in the PVP arena
No more repairing after battles needed when pvp'ing in the server arena (/pvp).

+ Item mailbox
Send items to online/offline players!

/itembox open
/itembox send [player]

/itembox claimall

+ Easter Scavenger Hunt (Ends April 2021)

At CatCraft, we constantly strive to enhance the experience of survival for everyone. We place heavy emphasis on listening to all discussions and open suggestions made by our community.
Thank you for all your creative ideas and suggestions to improve the experience on CatCraft. For those unfamiliar and would like to contribute a suggestion that could be made for the server, the CatCraft discord server ( has a dedicated channel for allowing anyone to suggest ideas. To submit a suggestion, go to the #bot-spam channel and use the command -suggest (Your suggestion)
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