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CatCraft v3.3 Server Update

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Hello everyone!

This server update will be featuring:

+ Resource-world Building Prevention

Notifications for placing chests in the resource world prevent new players from starting in a resetting world. Shulkers and all other containers will still work and are excluded from the notifications to allow everyone to transfer resources between the two worlds.

+ Gradient Selector (Exclusive to Jaguar+ ranks)

Pick from a massive selection of 50 gradients! Apply a gradient on your name or nickname by typing /gradient. This cosmetic perk is freely available to players ranked Jaguar+.

+ Website Improvements

The website is now running off a different database center and has had an increased speed boost, with faster page loading times, friendly URL support, integrated ban appeals using accounts created through the website and seamless on-site support ticket integration (releasing very soon!).

+ Support Emails *new*

Dare_Run and LogicalSpirit now have his own catcraft emails. Dare_Run can be reached with [email protected] for questions relating to Minecraft and/or the discord server. Contact the Developer at [email protected] too or alternatively use [email protected] if you're sending a bug report.

+ Minecraft Chat Bot

AI-based chat filtering addition. It prevents unwanted guests from joining the server and helps moderate the server during popular hours. The plugin currently does not keep track of any records, as it's still in its developing stage. We have been improving the whitelist filter to prevent the filter from blocking appropriate words and phrases.

- Removed:

Ancient Debris no longer drops cat crate keys.
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