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CATCRAFT One Year Anniversary Update!

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Free One-year Anniversary items!
Everyone can receive as much cake as they desire through the command /cake until the 3rd April

CatCraft Server Global Photoshoot!

On April 1st at 3 pm EST / 7 pm UTC a server-wide photoshoot will be starting. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join! The group photo will be uploaded onto the
wiki website. We highly recommend you attend as the opportunity is only once a year, and this will be the first official photo shoot arranged by the staff team on CatCraft!


CatCraft Global Fireworks Show!

On April 1st at ~3:15 pm EST / 7:15 pm UTC, a server-wide fireworks show will be available at spawn (15 minutes after the photo shoot). If you would like to contribute your fireworks to the show, drop your fireworks inside the chest at spawn! Feel free to get creative and pick your favorite colors!


CatCraft Artwork

any one of the following drawings and upload your picture to the #art channel on the discord server. All styles of artwork relating to CatCraft or cats in general are also welcome! Artwork with reasonable effort will be uploaded onto the first-anniversary section on the official CatCraft wiki. The best artwork will be converted into a single copy as a custom map art item on the CatCraft server and be given to the artist that submitted the artwork!

CatCraft 1 Year Anniversary Crate

A limited-edition crate will be available during April 2021. All items have been custom textured by a very talented artist! Download the updated texture pack in #texture-pack (available from the 2nd April 2021) on the CatCraft discord server!

Thank you everyone for the continued support towards allowing CatCraft to cultivate an open, friendly, and welcoming community!
We hope to see you all very soon!
Not open for further replies.