Server Update 4.7 | CAVES & CLIFFS PART II

Server Update 4.7 | CAVES & CLIFFS PART II

Hey everyone!

This announcement details info regarding the full update to 1.18.1 on CatCraft!

Resource World

The resource worlds will be fully reset and use a 1.18 seed. Hence, you'll have all the qualities of 1.18 terrain to discover, explore and collect the new blocks and items in a world that is fully up-to-date with the latest additions. The Resource world will reset to 1.18 in 2 days.

Nether & End Worlds

The Nether and End will update to 1.18. The End World will reset at the end of December 2021. The Nether will reset at the end of January 2022.

Blue Realm

The overworld borders for Blue Realm will expand from 30000x30000 to 35000x35000 and feature the new Caves & Cliffs: Part II terrain. ALL chunks are updated to 1.18!

Red Realm

The overworld borders for Red Realm will expand from 15000x15000 to 25000x25000 and feature the new Caves & Cliffs: Part II terrain. ALL chunks are updated to 1.18!
Note: The Overworld for both Realms will not reset - your progress is SAFE! The world-borders will expand and the new 1.18 caves will generate.

Green Realm

The Green Realm will contain the same enjoyable features and additions in the Blue and Red Realms. The Overworld will use a 1.18 seed and is completely brand new. Therefore if you missed out on the blue or red realm releases, now will be an excellent opportunity to start early. We will also be bringing out hardware performance improvements to support the new 1.18 update and the Green Realm.

The estimated release date for Green Realm: Start of January 2022

Server Optimizations

We've made the necessary optimizations to improve performance and chunk generation on 1.18. Gameplay should feel faster and overall much smoother. We will be shifting to a new server at the end of the month to support a new Green Realm and offer further improved performance with newer hardware across all realms. This big transition will eliminate the recent server crashes. The estimated date for the scheduled hardware transfer is the 5th January 2022 UTC, anywhere between 1 AM-1 PM UTC. We will confirm exact times & dates as we get closer to the end of the year!


Thank you, everyone, for playing on CatCraft this year!

To all our supporters, thank you very much for your generosity! With your support, we could continue bringing exciting new updates, server additions, hardware improvements, seasonal events, and so much more!

We wish you all a wonderful Xmas break and a happy new year!